I was both surprised and appalled at the contempt, superiority, and dehumanization in those posts by Devon. To claim everyone who is anti cancel culture because of the hurt and harm they've endured is weak is cruel and dismissive of people's pain. I don't see how that leads to any better outcomes on the left - just seems like more of the same superiority/supremacy culture people like us are trying to transform.

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Yeah, Devon's whole thing, the reason why he got semifamous in the first place, is rethinking "laziness." But when it comes to rethinking other things that our culture takes for granted...he's pretty unwilling. I watched his story where he was contemptuously shit-talking Clementine. He came across like a terrible unsympathetic boss or gym teacher or conservative politician saying "suck it up, buttercup" before they make someone work unpaid overtime/run laps even with cramps/take away some government benefit.

I used to like Devon's work. But he seems like a careless, cruel opportunist.

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You're an inspiration to me, Clementine! Sorry you have to deal with idiots so much.

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