Clementine Morrigan is a writer living in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. They are the author of several books and zines including Love Without Emergency, Fucking Magic, Trauma Magic, You Can't Own the Fucking Stars, and The Size of a Bird. You can find her writing in places like GUTS Magazine, Shameless Magazine, Prose & Lore, Somatechnics, and The Canadian Journal of Disability Studies. They are the creator and facilitator of the popular workshop Trauma Informed Polyamory. She writes about queer sexuality, trauma recovery, developing secure attachment, transformative justice, obliterating shame, anarchist spirituality, and the power of desire. They are passionate about nervous system education. More than anything else, her work is for survivors and people who live with trauma. It is writing about living through really awful, fucked up things, and still wanting a big, beautiful, fucked up powerful life. It's about the desire to live and to love and to feel fucking good even after everything that happened.