I Want You to Fuck Me #2 (Digital)

  • I Want You to Fuck Me #2 (Digital)

This is a digital file, sent as a pdf.

The second issue of I Want You to Fuck to Me is a tiny 10 page $4 digital zine about my very queer desires. It’s a zine about obliterating shame, navigating trauma, queer fucking, and naming desire in courage and vulnerability. It’s about moving past the ‘not queer enough’ narrative to discover the visceral, powerful queerness underneath.

From the introduction: “Feeling stressed out by queer sex or queer dating, feeling unable to make a move, feeling frozen in your desire or unsure of your desire, these things do not necessarily mean (like you might secretly fear) that you are not really queer, or not queer enough. You might be crushed under the weight of trauma and compulsory heterosexuality, you might be crushed under the weight of how extremely queer you actually are. If you keep circling back to queer dating and withdrawing again, if you have queer crushes and queer feelings you are way too afraid to name or act on, if you keep telling yourself one day you will dive deep into your queerness, but you keep feeling stressed out whenever you try, this little zine is for you.”