I Want You to Fuck Me #1 (Digital)

  • I Want You to Fuck Me #1 (Digital)

This is a digital file, sent as a pdf.

I Want You to Fuck Me is a tiny 10 page $4 digital zine about my sexual boundaries, desires, needs, and safety strategies. It is a practice of saying ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘under particular circumstances’. It is a poem and a prayer for a world without sexual violence, and a piece of the work of having hotter, safer, better sex in this world right now.

From the introduction: “This list is deeply personal. It’s specific to me. My desires, boundaries, needs, and strategies are not the ‘right’ ones, nor are they the ‘wrong’ ones, they are simply mine. Yours will be different. The acts I say ‘no’ to are still hot acts for other people. They are just not for me for various reasons. The acts I say ‘yes’ to may not be for you, and that’s okay. I share this with you to share the process more than the actual content, to create an example of what it might be possible to say, to demonstrate being specific and clear and not needing to justify what I want and need in my sexual experiences. Because writing this list felt impossible for me, so maybe reading it will help you write a list of your own.”